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Hey Students! (and people new to Chicago!)

Stop by Dovetail and pick up a free TimeOut Chicago Student guide! We’re featured in it, along with Chicago’s best spots for shopping, eating, drinking, and entertaining.

Tuesday, August 28th is National Bow Tie—as if you need a national holiday to sport one of these classic accessories. But if you’ve you’ve been waiting for an occasion to don such dapper neckwear, here’s your chance! And Dovetail can help you ensure you have the snappiest tie of all with our collection of honestly crafted handmade ties by Chicago’s very own Dorus Mhor.

Liz Bloom, the designer behind it all, carefully constructs each cotton or tweed bow tie with her own two hands in her Fulton Market studio and we’re lucky enough to be the only brick-and-mortar shop in Chicago to carry them. Each one takes over an hour of careful cutting, stitching, sewing, and iron and the result is one of the most well-crafted and reasonably priced products out there. We recommend watching the video below to fully appreciate the making of a Dorus Mhor bow tie.


And if you like bow ties but are unsure of how to tie one, the video below is incredibly good at explaining. Julie watched it carefully once and now has the entire process committed to memory. It is surprisingly easier than it seems. Try it!


Dovetail cannot be more excited to announce the relaunch of our men’s section!  After months of sourcing, talking, designing, and collaborating, we’re ready to show off what we’ve been brewing.

[caption id=”attachment_440” align=”alignleft” width=”199” caption=”Domestic Workwear”][/caption]


We’re moving the clothing into a new direction and will no longer be selling vintage clothing. Instead, we’re carrying Domestic Workwear, our favorite locally designed and—best of all—locally manufactured menswear line delivered on bike. Made from the highest quality fabrics, this reasonably priced collection will make you wonder why you ever shelled out big bucks on other brands.



[caption id=”attachment_441” align=”alignright” width=”225” caption=”Dorus Mhor”][/caption]


We’re also carrying a wonderful line of locally handmade bowties and pocketsquares by Dorus Mhor. Did you read the part where we said they were handmade? Good. Just making sure. Each one of these beauties is carefully crafted with quality fabrics, like classic tweeds and Liberty of London art fabrics, as well as the highest attention to detail.



[caption id=”attachment_443” align=”alignleft” width=”300” caption=”Ethically Engineered”][/caption]


We’re excited to carry our new favorite line of 100% organic and vegan skincare products made with solar energy right here in Chicago and delivered on bike by Ethically Engineered. The minimal amount of packaging used for this line of unisex soaps, shampoos, and shave products is all recyclable or compostable. Who wouldn’t want a stout soap? Or a prohibition-themed bar with a bike map of Chicago’s historical prohibition spots? Everything about this line—from concept to product—is simply amazing.



Last but of course not least, we’ll still be carrying vintage objects of interest for you guys! Leather-bound flasks, skinny ties, tie bars, and other goods will still be available to give you your vintage fix. Come in and check out the new Dovetail!

We’ve been working hard with Victorganic to make this awesome new site. What do you think? We’re so excited to unveil this baby after spending so much time on it.

ig thanks to Victorganic for doing such an awesome job programming all of my crazy ideas. Are you in need of a new website? I’m sure he’d be happy to help! Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch.

Help Underserved Students Achieve Their Dreams!

Join us as we support Embarc, a local nonprofit that empowers Chicago’s most underserved students to shape and achieve their dreams. EMBARC provides art, cultural and food-based experiences to at-risk high school students. Come out, drink up and marvel at the entertainment while supporting a good cause.

We’re looking forward to the Variety Show happening across the street (how convenient!). We’re donating a Private Shopping Event to the silent auction, a service you can only get at this event! In addition to the silent auction, you can expect: tasting tables, , live music, dancing, magic, comedy, and burlesque. Get your tickets here.

100% of the night’s proceeds benefit EMBARC,

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Win 2 Tickets to Wine Riot Chicago!

Do you like wine? Of course you do! Want to win 2 tickets ($120 value) to Wine Riot Chicago?

Go to Dovetail’s Facebook Page and write a caption to the photo below! Best one wins! Deadline is midnight Thursday. The winner will be announced Friday morning!

Wine Riot Chicago, Friday June 1, 7-11pm

Wine Riot is the annual wine event coordinated by our friends at The Second Glass. Taste over 250 wines, take pictures in the photo booth, and track all of your favorite wines using their handy wine app! Learn more about The Second Glass and Wine Riot Chicago here.

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It’s that time of year again. A time when the Reader asks us to reflect on our favorite businesses that make Chicago such a great place to live. If you love Dovetail, please vote for Dovetail as your favorite vintage shop!

Relatives at Dovetail

May 18, 7-10pm

Dovetail is excited to announce RELATIVES, an art exhibition by Pablo Arancibia. Complimentary craft cocktails by guest mixologist Dawid Piwinski. 50% off men’s items. Free gift with each purchase while supplies last. Past-life readings by Ryan Fukuda. RSVP to the event here.


“We are all cousins. Your family tree includes not just obvious cousins like chimpanzees and monkeys but also mice, buffaloes, iguanas, wallabies, snails, dandelions, golden eagles, mushrooms, whales, wombats and bacteria. All are our cousins. Every last one of them. Isn’t that a far more wonderful thought than any myth? And the most wonderful thing of all is that we know for certain it is literally true.”
Richard Dawkins, Magic of Reality

Relatives is the artist’s effort to find his place in the world and the sequence of history. Relatives explores sequences not only in the temporal plain, but also on a deeper level; it also symbolically explores genetic sequences as understood in science.
By finding the artist’s place in the major sequence of genes, and its relation to all other living things, the artist explores his place in the major sequence of life. This place allows the artist to find comfort in the fact that he is related to all life, and that every living thing is, to some degree, a relative.
That string of information encoded in our DNA is the code for life that repeats itself in every creature. It is easy to understand that the genetic material of a father and a son is extremely similar, and it is also easy to understand that the farther the relative, the more differences we will find. In Relatives each similarity is brought to light, and focuses on the commonality we share with all living things.
By taking a scientific approach to understanding life, it is easier for the artist to find a sense of legacy. It is that same gene make up and sequence that repeats itself in every creature, endlessly adapting to procure life and the life of the artist. As life’s end lurks behind every living thing, it is also comforting for the artist to know that what made him alive also continues to live on in every single one of his relatives. We see this kinship in all of our obvious cousins as well as in those that stopped talking to us a long time ago.

Family Portraits Series
These series of intervened images are personal family photos, where some relatives are switched by others. Raccoons, red pandas, dolphins and dogs, are among these new relatives in the picture. Each image has been retouched to recreate personal life events to literally include some genetic relatives as well. These pictures are the record of symbolic family reunion where ancestors, concestors and cousins are included in the picture. These images from the past are a door to invite the observer to recreate his own family history, and to include those animal-relatives that might be less considered.